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For the
freedom & profitability
of working for yourself,
the immense
cost & commitment
of owning & operating an entire grooming salon.


Welcome to The Fur District! Finally, salon suites for groomers. Our mission is to empower pet groomers by providing them the appropriate space and equipment needed to grow their business and independently prosper.


The Fur District offers spacious, fully equipped, private grooming suites available for one-to-three year lease terms. 

When you rent a suite at The Fur District, you do not work for us. We provide a clean, safe, properly equipped space for you to run your own private grooming business in a cost effective and efficient way. This allows you to enjoy maximum profits and independence.

We do not take a cut of your earnings. You simply pay your rent each month.​


You are responsible for paying your own taxes and holding your own business insurance as you are not our employee. Don't worry, we can guide you through these things!


You have total control over your schedule and work when its convenient for you.


You can access your suite at any time and personalize it to your liking.


Are you tired of working so hard for 50% commission or less? Tired of paying bathing wages? When you rent a suite from The Fur District, you keep ALL of your earnings. You just pay your rent each month and pay your own taxes (which are often lower than you might expect because as a business owner, you now have lots of write-offs).


Groomers who are also parents or caregivers, students, or those who have other responsibilities or hobbies can schedule dogs around their busy lives. Groomers who love to travel have the freedom to go whenever they please and schedule their dogs around their trips.


Some groomers are just frustrated or unhappy in their current salon environment. The Fur District offers a private space for you to groom your dogs in peace, without any salon drama, annoying co-workers, or unappreciative bosses. Renting your own suite means you run your own business and make your own rules. Don't like doodles? Cool. Don't groom them. Have a client who is always late and impossible to please? Fire them. Want to raise your prices? Raise them. It's your business.

Maybe you already own a salon and are overwhelmed by the responsibility of paying all the bills, including managing payroll and taking care of your employees' needs. Renting a salon suite gives you all the benefits of running your own business without all the overhead cost, commitment, and responsibility of operating an entire grooming salon.

Even mobile groomers can get the same quiet, private salon experience without all the time spent traveling. Just think of how many more dogs you could groom if you were in the same spot instead of driving around all day.


Because the startup costs at The Fur District are just a fraction of what it costs to start a traditional grooming salon or buy a mobile van, it is an excellent option for any groomer looking to maximize their profits and enjoy complete independence.


48" Bathtub with Ramp

48" Bathtub with Ramp

Paw Brothers

48" or 36"  Electric Table

48" or 36" Electric Table

Paw Brothers

Bank of Kennels

Bank of Kennels

Paw Brothers 4 small/medium kennels or 2 small/medium kennels and 1 large kennel

High-Velocity Dryer

High-Velocity Dryer

K9-II - 2 speed dryer


  • Private, fully equipped grooming suite

  • 24/7 access

  • All utilities paid including Wi-Fi

  • On-site laundry

  • Furnished breakroom

  • Guidance and support through the startup process


Our suites rent for between $1,800-$2,200 per month with one-to-three year lease terms. Rent includes your spacious, private, fully equipped suite along with water, electric, wi-fi, security system, on-site laundry, cleaning service, fully equipped breakroom, and assistance with set-up and advertising.

Share a suite with a partner and split the startup costs and monthly payments in half!

(Both parties must be on the lease)


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